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Some Advice

Hi Paul,

Colm here! I felt I should drop you an email to give a big thank you to all the team and yourself for the GradMed course. I achieved a respectable 68 and can honestly say your classes were the only prep I did!! (59, 64, 74)

I expected to do fairly poor in the exam. To make matters worse I stayed in a BnB the night before the test in Dublin and due to the uncomfortable bed got absolutely no sleep! However, as I walked to the exam hall I felt fairly relaxed.

My only tip is that when it mattered I did the simple thing right!For section one, there was some passages that had no relevance to medicine (as you said) but I realised if I knew two were false I had a good chance. I followed Los's simple rules for the essays, which were an incredible help!

For section three, I went in at a great pace, half way through I felt I got most correct so far and started enjoying the test!I say this not to advise the next cohort to follow my prep, its terrible, but to show that you can get a decent score as long as you keep your cool!

The few problems that did arise or looked unfamiliar in the course I asked usually at the end of the class - this was key to my success, because once you got, for example, the products of a reaction in your head, it was easy to remember for the exam!! 

Thanks once againColm