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Exciting News from GradMed HQ - Online Learning Centre

Building on our sixteen years of GAMSAT experience and extensive materials and question banks, all students attending the Full Preparation courses receive full access to our unique online learning centre, which is launched this year. Written specifically for GAMSAT and developed over a period of two years, the centre provides access to thousands of additional questions across all sections of the examination, as well as unique learning resources, lessons and techniques.

Our unique examination centres for sections 1 and 3 allow you to tailor our entire question bank of over eight thousand questions to your specific study needs, including mini tests on topics, GAMSAT style mock examinations in particular subject areas and full mock examinations. All of this is collated within our intelligent dashboard, allowing you to analyse your performance over time, as well as comparatively with the entire student body studying with us.

For section 2 you will be presented with extensive essay writing lessons for both Section A and B, and will be able to respond to simulated essay prompts and then follow through associated essays. In addition to learning from these sample essays, detailed critics will help develop relevant skills for each type of essay. In addition you will also be able to submit your own essays for marking for additional detailed feedback by the team.

The highlights

  • New this year after two years of development!
  • Developed specifically for GAMSAT and no other examination
  • Take our unique diagnostic test and receive full feedback on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Intelligent learning system with unique customisable dashboard
  • High quality animated videos for all sections of the exam
  • Over seven thousand simulated and customisable GAMSAT questions
  • All questions with full worked explanations
  • Analyse your performance over time and against other students
  • Take full mock exams or build your own using our unique GAMSAT builder
  • Mark and read over a thousand real marked essays written by past GAMSAT students with full analysis